How To Stop Your Iphone From Ruining Your Circadian Rhythm, Sleep & Health

iphone red screen redshift Mar 15, 2022

The artificial light from your iphone at night is ruining your circadian rhythm, sleep and health. It is even causing your eyes to destroy themselves. Watch this quick video to see why then scroll down the page to learn how to turn your iphone screen red at night which lessens the damage the artificial light is doing to your health.

This is a spectrometer reading of your iphone's normal screen. The huge unnatural spikes of blue and green signal your brain it is daytime. You DO NOT want to see these spikes at night.

Apple has this thing called "NightShift" mode. While it is better than the normal screen, as you can see in the pic below it still spits out a lot of the stimulating blue and green light which you do not want at night if you care about your circadian rhythm and health.

Below you see the light spectrum emitted when your phone is in redshift mode. It is not perfect but as you can see it is much better than your regular screen and even Apple's nightshift. So where...

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Read Thousands Of Red Light Therapy Studies Here....

I keep forgetting where I put the link to a Google doc with thousands of red light therapy studies so I decided to add it to the blog. You can now remember yourself by coming to this url>>>> 

Without further ado, here is where you can find the Google doc with thousands of red light studies and their outcomes.


IF you are looking for a red light therapy machine, my favorite's are made by EMR.

You can check them out by clicking here and get a discount when you use the code "bluelight" at checkout. 

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Fix Your Circadian Rhythm, Fix Your Prostatitis or Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome?

This short article may very well be the missing piece of the puzzle you need to become pain free once and for all. It includes four specific strategies you have ignored or have zero clue on that have knocked almost all my prostatitis symptoms down to nothing. Pain, frequency, urgency all almost gone.  Read it and please share it.

INFLAMMATION is what is making all of your prostatitis  or chronic pelvic pain symptoms worse!

Reduce inflammation and over time you will feel much better.

BUT many of you try to do that with pills and potions instead of how Mother Nature designed your body over millions of years to naturally reduce inflammation 24/7.

How do you reduce inflammation according to mother nature?

Stop disrupting your circadian rhythm every single damn day of your life.

What is circadian rhythm?

A natural process of physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a 24 hour cycle primarily guided by light and dark, the sun rising and setting.

How are you disrupting your...

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Artificial Light At Night Makes Women Fat (Here's Proof)

alan obesity women Oct 17, 2020

Most people can immediately connect the relationship between obesity to diet and exercise.

You get fat and it must be because you eat poorly and don't exercise.

But what most people miss or cannot connect is that there is a third variable which contributes to getting fat that is just as important as diet and exercise.

This third variable is LIGHT.

More specifically the kind of light you allow into your life and WHEN you allow it.

The JAMA Internal Medicine paper below investigated this light variable. The paper asks....

Is artificial light at night while sleeping associated with weight gain and obesity?

This study found that the answer to the question above is YESSSSSSSSSSSS!

You can read the study yourself here.

Women who had a light on in their rooms or their tv on at night gained five kilograms or more! Any kind of artificial light at night increases your risk of obesity or gaining weight!

The study goes on to say.....

"In this cohort study of 43722 women, artificial light at night while...

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Do Tom Brady's Blue Light Blocking Glasses Actually Work? Cloos X Brady Review

blue light glasses review Oct 14, 2020

Here's my Cloos X Brady Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review using a spectrometer for verification along with some important tips to keep in mind when your are wearing your blue blockers during the day and night.

I really wanted these Brady blue light blockers to work!

And I have to say that these Christopher Cloos X Brady glasses are the best blue light blocking glasses FRAMES that I have ever reviewed or owned. The whole customer service team at Christopher Cloos could not be any nicer or accommodating to me as well. 

But do these glasses actually they block the bad blue light that you need to care about?

Tom Brady threw a gigantic interception with these blue blockers. As you'll see with your own eyes in the video below they don't work so well for daytime use and are comlete failures for nighttime use.

Technically, these Cloos X Brady glasses block virtually no blue light at all. They block mostly light in the 380 to 410nm range which is violet light. Violet light is...

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TOOLS To Stop Big Tech & Internet Censorship & Spying

censorship Oct 12, 2020

I've noticed lately that my blue light diet stuff on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube is getting censored or outright deleted. Posts are getting deleted without my knowledge. Comments disabled. It seems this totalitarian like behavior is only increasing and not getting better.

So I've written this post to go over ways and show you how to counteract this new form of online censorship.

Lets talk for a moment on why I don't trust these big tech and social media companies. 

Google search and their Chrome browser.

Google was originally funded with help of the CIA and NSA with certain goals. Frankly it was a brilliant plan and it worked. There now are countless documented instances of them manipulating search results and "disappearing" certain web platforms and working with totalitarian regimes (no doubt so NSA or CIA can increase surveillance in those countries but still). You can read a great article on how Google was engineered for mass surveillance here.

I don't trust them...

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I'm going to make this a quick post on the brands of green and blue light blocking glasses that I recommend the most. 

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a HUGE blue blocker scam going on today.

If you buy blue blockers that are CLEAR in color, they are most likely worthless and certainly not at all safe to wear during the nighttime. A good rule of thumb to follow in regards to blue light blockers is that for daytime use you want to use a pair of glasses with a noticeable tint or yellow color. These tints will let in SOME blue light because your body and brain need it to operate optimally during the day. For this reason, NEVER wear your blue light blocking glasses outside.

For nighttime use you want a pair of blue light blockers that also blocks some green light. The color of a quality nighttime lens should be orange to red in color. These colors will block out most of the stimulating blue and green light that your body was designed not to see or sense at nighttime. 


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True Dark Twilights Sunset Aviator Review (Green and Blue Light Blocking Glasses)

blue blockers true dark Sep 26, 2020

True Dark Twilights Sunset Aviator Review (Green and Blue Light Blocking Glasses)

The TrueDark Twilights Sunset Aviators are a very cool looking pair of blue and green light blocking glasses that have a unique feature I have not seen on any other pair of blue light blocking glasses.

What is this unique feature?

They have a gradient lens.

Meaning the lens darker at the top and getting lighter in color as you move down towards the bottom. This means that the lens blocks more blue and green light at the top and middle of the lens than it does at the bottom of the lens. 

Why on earth would they do this?

Well, some studies show that light coming from above your eyes or hitting your eyes directly straight on is more stimulating and suppresses more melatonin than light coming from below.

So towards the center and top of the lens, the lens blocks about 99% of bluelight and and 93% of the green light. Towards the bottom of the lens it blocks a little less of the green light (about 73%) so you...

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Spectra479 Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

The Spectra479 blue and green light blocking glasses are one of my favorite mid tier priced blue blockers. At around $30 (using the special code "BlueLightDiet" at checkout) they block virtually all of the blue light and a lot of the green light as well. The specs show that the 479's start letting in .1% of green light at 520nm and just 1% at 530nm. This is an upgrade from your typical blue blockers light blocking ability like the UVEX Orange and a slight downgrade in blocking ability from higher tier blue and green light blockers like RA Optics or True Dark.

The benefit is that you still get the vast majority of melatonin protection and these glasses are easier to see in at night so they make a great intro pair or are good for anyone who won't wear blue light blocking glasses because they cause TOO MUCH light distortion.

The Spectra479's also come in a "clip on" version where you can simply clip them on to an existing pair of prescription glasses so you can still get the benefits of...

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Vitamin D Protects You From Coronavirus (Quick BIG TECH, BAN This Post!)

In this post, you are going to see with your own eyes that your Vitamin D level is one of the most important measures to concentrate on in order to protect yourself from suffering a bad outcome due to catching this dumb coronavirus.

Then I'm going to tell you how to properly prop up your vitamin d levels in case the virus comes back in the fall.

If you haven't read my other COVID19 articles, you can find them here. I guarantee they are well worth your time, will improve your overall health and you will learn things you never knew before. Please help me out and share them on your social media pages. I guarantee they will make you look good and smart :P 

1) How To Fight Coronavirus and Boost Your Immune Systems Using Day And Night Light Dark Cycles: 

2) How To Use The Sun And Quarantine In The Age Of Corona: 

3) Why Coronavirus Kills More Black...

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