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ATTENTION: This Short Letter Can Change Your Health Like Nothing Else Ever Has....

You're About To Discover Why Diet And Exercise May Not Be The KEY To Optimal Health.
In fact, you could have the best nutritionist and gym trainer in the world, but if you don't have this one thing right, it can ruin all your good health gains from diet and exercise.

Hi, I'm Bobby Hunt III. 

I'm an entrepreneur, author and health researcher and I want to make you a promise right now.

If you read this entire page, you are going to get the biggest health "Aha Moment" of your life that should lead to health breakthroughs for you or your loved ones that you never thought were possible. You don't even have to buy anything. Just applying what you learn in the next three minutes will make a big difference in your health because I'm about to reveal something never even considered by your doctors, nutritionists or trainers.

I first want to ask you a question.

You've probably noticed how throughout each historical era, the vast majority of people believe something to be true and then, long after they are gone, as science evolves, we see it is not true. The people who are first to spot the truth and tell it are usually ignored, ridiculed or worse too. Galileo and the Earth revolving around the sun for example.

This happens in health too.

  •  Barry Marshall won the Nobel Prize for proving ulcers were caused by H pylori. He was ridiculed by establishment scientists for his views.
  •  In the 1950's prominent doctors convinced the US Government to proclaim fat is bad for you. Countless doctors careers and millions of people's health has since been harmed from that dumb recommendation now proven false by today's science.
  •  Even Albert Einstein was made fun of for years for his discovery of the photoelectric effect which happens to be a foundational component of this program and the reason which he was eventually awarded the Nobel Prize.

Today, you're going to discover one of, if not the biggest, medical mistakes in history that is responsible for why you or a loved one are suffering even while supposedly doing everything right with diet and exercise or whatever your doctor says to do.

Now here's my question for you.

(Careful. This will open up Pandora's Box. Turn away now if you want to continue seeing bad health as just a consequence of bad food or exercise.)

Do you think that eating an apple every day and drinking apple juice do the same thing to your health?

As you probably guessed, they do NOT! One can be healthy and the other is most definitely not.

Eating a whole apple every day has been shown to lower your risk of diabetes. Why?

You're eating the apple as nature intended and packaged it! The macro and micro-nutrients in the skin and flesh combine and work synergisticly to lower your risk of diabetes.


If instead of eating a whole apple you decide to drink a glass of apple juice every day, your chances of diabetes, cancer or weight gain actually go up!


Apple juice is made from something that was once packaged as nature intended but now has been altered by people. Much of the original apple has been removed.

I sense you pretty well understand this, right?

Nature made food is good. Food altered by man, not so good.

In the vast majority of instances, man cannot outsmart millions of years of how nature evolved our bodies to work.

Here comes your BIG health "Aha Moment"!

You probably spend so much time thinking about what your diet looks like or the kind of exercise you do each day but you spend almost ZERO time thinking about the light you live under and are exposed to day after day!

And guess what?

When you learn that just like the apple, there are huge health differences between man-made light and natural light.

Getting the wrong kind of light or light at the wrong time can literally do the same thing to your body as drinking apple juice every day. 

It can raise blood sugar, accelerate diabetes and cause many more deadly health problems like cancer.

Think for a moment.

When you add up all the light you are exposed to in a typical day, do you think you are getting more man-made light (for example from Iphones, tv's, home or office lights) or natural light (light from the sun, stars and moon)?

If you get more man-made light than you do natural light every day then Houston, we have a problem.

A major health problem.

And you need to solve this health problem ASAP because bad light is wrecking your health.

Way more than a bad diet or no exercise does.

In fact, bad light can destroy all the good gains you make from your diet and exercise programs.

And if you already have some kind of disease or major health issue, then getting your light right is even more important.

All of that bad light is about to change for you.


Welcome To The Blue Light Detox Program...

After more than five years of intensive research and trial and error, I've finally pieced together a program that may very well transform your health because it is unlike any health program you have ever seen or gone through.

The Blue Light Detox Program shows you how to eliminate all of the man-made, health stealing, weight gaining, cancer causing artificial wavelengths of light. You'll learn how to mitigate or replace them with the natural, health boosting light that life has evolved under for millions of years until we recently screwed it up! 

The Blue Light Detox Program is the crucial missing link to your diet, exercise and overall health. Here is what you will learn when you sign up today:

  1. Light Diet - How just like you need an exercise program and good diet, you also need a diet of light for optimal health. I'll show you exactly what your light diet should be made of each day...
  2. The Blue Light Detox Quick Start Protocol - Get your light diet up and running the day you join the program. No need to wait one minute longer to start using light to transform your health.
  3. Light Lesson Learning Modules - Don't just do what I say. Learn why science says you should block certain light and get more real light and be able to explain it to your friends and family. An instant anti-quack defense.  
  4. Blue Light Basics - Blue Light is like the high fructose corn syrup of the light world. Learn how to block it from TVs, computers, phones, LEDs, cars, neighbor's outdoor lights
  5. Blue Blocker Glasses Tutorial- Learn what kind of glasses you need to wear during the day, night and even the kind to use if you have prescription lenses. Become unconfused and make sure your glasses are blocking the harmful wavelengths of light. There are so many bad glasses out there!
  6. Indoor Light Optimization Module - the lights you live under in your home every single day are either hurting you or helping you. You're going to make sure you are using lights that are helping your health. Both day and night time lights need to be optimized. This is a set it and forget it no brainer.
  7. Red Light Rules - The antidote to blue light is red light. In this video training module you'll learn how to use red light to charge your mitochondria.
  8. SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS: 45 Day Blue Light Detox Challenge - Change is much more easy to implement when you have friends doing it with you and you're able to get answers to any problems you have answered. You'll get live Q&A sessions with me, once per week.
  9. SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS: Sleep & Bedroom Optimization Module - Learn how to optimize your bedroom and use light to get the deepest sleep of your life. 
  10. SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS: Vitamin D Module - Learn how to use natural and artificial light sources to safely increase your vitamin D levels.
  11. VIDEO TRAINING MEMBERSHIP WEBSITE: You will be able to access all of the above step by step training modules by logging in and accessing your own Blue Light Detox Program dashboard at any time you want.
  12. NO QUESTIONS ASKED FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - You have 60 days to try out the entire Blue Light Detox Program. If it doesn't open your eyes and you don't think it will totally change your health, I don't want your money. Just send an email to [email protected] within 60 days of your purchase and I will happily give you all your money back, no questions asked.

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