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The Light You Let Into Your Life Can Either Help You Or Hurt You. (I Bet its Hurting You) 

Having the wrong light in your life is kind of like eating cupcakes 24 hours a day. It can RUIN the good health gains made from your diet. When you read this special good light bad light cheat sheet, you'll discover which light is healthy, which light is hurting and what to do about it. Read it now.

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The BEST Tools To Block The Unhealthy Artificial Light

In this cheat sheet, you'll learn all about artificial and especially blue light including when and how to block it out. You'll also discover our top and tested picks for the best blue light blocking glasses. A good pair of blue light blocking glasses is one of the best health investment you could ever make. 

How to Filter Blue Light From Your Phone (Both Iphone and Android)

If your phone is programmed to a certain setting you can bet that you are getting blasted with a harmful kind of artificial light on a daily and nightly basis. Today you'll learn how to stop that from happening and what to do to make it less likely to destroy your health gains from good diet and exercise.

How To Build Melatonin Naturally So You Can Sleep Better (Guarantee You're NOT Doing This)

This morning "hack" is so simple, yet so powerful. Its an instant health upgrade no matter how healthy you are. One kind of light will build melatonin in your body and another kind of light will prevent it from being used. I'll show you in this cheat sheet.


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