The Blue Light Diet

Is The Light You Live Under Daily Helping or Hurting Your Health? It's Time to Find Out....

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Good Health Is WAY More Than Just Food & Exercise

In fact, if you are getting the wrong light or light at the wrong time, it doesn't matter how good your diet is or how much you exercise, you may still remain fat or unhealthy. Bad light can sabotage good diets and exercise.

The KIND Of Light You Live Under Daily Can Be Good .....Or Bad For You

Think about the light in your life. Is it mostly natural or man-made? Fake light can hurt you just as much as fake food. Your body may actually be starving for real light.

Are You Living Under Good Light Or Bad Light?

There are lights you should live under and lights you shouldn't. There are also ways to still use bad light but filter it out. Learn this now and stop leaving your health to chance. Read the book or sign up for the detox program.

The Blue Light Diet Book

You know diet and exercise are crucial to good health but I bet you've never thought about light. This book will show you how the light you allow into your life can effect your health just like diet and exercise. Comes out in 2019.

Blue Light Detox Program

The Blue Light Detox is a 40 day video training program that will show you how to get the bad light out of your life and replace it with the good light. The Blue Light Detox program is available now.

Get Started Now: The Blue Light Detox

The Blue Light Detox is an online video training program designed to get the unhealthy light out of your life and replaced with the right light in 30 days. Why keep hurting yourself with the wrong kind of light?


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