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You can call me Bobby or as you'll see in the emails, BH3. One of the questions I get asked the most is how did I come up with the basis for The Blue Light Diet and detox program. I didn't! There were many brilliant people out there talking about the power of light way before I came along. Doctors, physicists and researchers. All I've done is take their ideas and dumb them down enough so that someone with my level of intelligence can make sense of it ;)

Why A Light Diet?

You probably know that you can improve your health and weight through diet and exercise. What you might not realize is that light at the wrong time or certain types of artificial light can be sabotaging the health gains you're getting from diet and exercise.

Did you know that life as we know it evolved under natural sunlight and moonlight for billions of years all the way up until 100 or so years ago? Then in a relatively short period of time man was able to turn night into day with the flick of a switch.

Your body's systems depend on the light of day and the darkness of night as important signals for when to be alert and have energy and when to rest and regenerate.

When you make night become day by turning on artificial lights, you mess up your body systems that were built over millions of years to keep you healthy. Not only that, but the kind of light you allow into your life can be almost just as bad as eating cupcakes 24/7. LEDs, fluorescent and other types of artificial lighting all cause your body to do different things. Some good, some very bad. What kind of light do you live under? It could be having a huge effect on your health and weight.

In fact, Harvard researchers find study after study have linked working the night shift and exposure to light at night to several types of cancer (breast, prostate), diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

The Blue Light Diet book and blue light detox program will show you how to get the wrong light out of your life and the right light into it. We'll also show you how to block or filter the bad light so you can continue to use your cell phones, computers and tvs without compromising your health or the health of the ones you love.

Fixing this is very simple, almost set it and forget it simple. The only problem is awareness. And thats where you come in.

Share this website or my blog posts or the blue light toxicity test on your Facebook pages. Read the book. Get a group together and do the detox. Learn about light and how it affects your family's health. And then tell others! Give them your copy of the book, get a group together and pass around the same log in information for the detox. I don't care.

Light is the blind spot on the path to good health and happy living.

Thanks so much for your support any way you can,
Bobby Hunt III
Author of The Blue Light Diet and creator of The Blue Light Detox


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