Black Friday-Monday Deals For Sleep, Circadian Rhythm & Health

Nov 21, 2023

Here are my favorite Black Friday deals......

RA OPTICS: Fantastic blue light blocking glasses. I usually wear a pair of these every day. Get the Black Friday deal at this special link: 

BON CHARGE: Another great blue light blocking glasses company. I wear their yellow colored lenses in front of the computer during the day. See the deal here: 

SPECTRA 479: These are the best "budget" night time blue light blocking glasses. I wear them often. See their deals here: 

EMR RED LIGHT THERAPY MACHINES: These are my favorite red light therapy machines. I own the Firewave, Firestorm and Inferno. They also have a cool skin lotion formula called "Starlight" that is specially activated by their red light machines and makes you look younger. 30% off the whole site here: 

CHROMA: Chroma sells my favorite portable red light therapy machine called the "Chromatorch". Its under $100. They also make a cool pillow to improve sleep and a neat lamp to increase your Vitamin D levels. See them here: 

MANTA: Manta makes, hands down, the World's best sleep masks. If you sleep in a room where light leaks into it at night, you need a mask. The Manta Pro is my favorite. Find it here: 

EQUI LABS: I use this company to get at home lab tests that most doctors have no clue about. It can really help you diagnose a hard to figure out health issue. Each test comes with a 30 minute one on one consultation to go over results. Check them here: 

MY DEAL: Buy a 30 minute one on one video consultation with me and you will get free access to my Circadian Rhythm Reset live coaching program starting in the first quarter of 2024. This program will probably cost $150 and a video consult with me only costs about $100 so you get a pretty good deal. Schedule your consult here: 


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