MY FAVORITE BLUE BLOCKERS? The EMR Cyclops Green & Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Mar 13, 2019

Ok so I have a few favorite blue blockers but the EMR Cyclops glasses are tied for my favorite "out of the box" green and blue light blocking glasses.

These are the kind of glasses with red lenses for nighttime use. The red lenses block blue and green light.

The scratch resistant coated red lenses in the EMR Cyclops glasses block 99.99% of light from 400nm to 550nm. They also lock 90% of the light from 550nm to 570nm. This wavelength range includes the violet, blue and green light spectrums and is more than enough protection to ensure your melanopsin photoreceptors are safe and melatonin is not suppressed and instead runs smoothly throughout the night. 

You can get these glasses here

Watch this short video below and then I'll dig into some more EMR Cyclops details below the video.


As you can see, the overall EMR glasses look pretty cool. They are not big and bulky but at the same time, the red lenses cover a lot of area around your eyes.

The frames are made of magnesium.

Magnesium is 33% lighter than aluminum. Also way lighter than titanium or steel. Stronger too. Magnesium is also unique in that it is less conductive than other metals. So if you are concerned about EMF's, that could be a plus for you.

The Cyclops blue blocker frames also have spring loaded hinges that make the glasses fit exactly to your head and stay in place while you're wearing them. 

The company also makes their efficacy reports public on their website so you can see for yourself the kind of light they block but here is a snapshot of the light they block according to my spectrometer.

These EMR glasses are one of, if not my favorite pair of "out of the box" green and blue light blocking glasses for night time use.

Check them out here: 




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