Still Can’t Lose that Extra Weight? Morning Light May Be All You Need…

Mar 20, 2019

Yes the name of the book is The Blue Light Diet and the name of the online video training course is The Blue Light Detox Program.

But its not all about blue light, which can be good or bad for you depending on the time of day you get your blue light.

The goal of the book and program is to get you to start thinking about light just the same way you think about your nutrition and diet. Because light can do the same good or bad things to you that food can do. It can create a health heaven or health hell for you.

Being healthy has a lot to do with just getting back to nature. We’re surrounded by so much artificial light, but what your body is screaming for is just some natural sunlight.

Have you ever been on a diet, made good initial progress but then just couldn’t seem to lose the amount of weight you wanted? Or would you like a way to lose weight and lower your BMI that doesn’t involve diets or exercise?

Well the answer to your problem might be as simple as getting morning sunlight.

I’m going to say this a million times because I want to pound this into your head. From now on, you must think of light as nutrition. You need all different kinds of light in your life at different times to stay healthy.

One of the most important times to get your light is right when you wake up. Hopefully that’s between 6am and 10am. Best would be at sunrise. And one of the healthiest kinds of light to get is morning light. Its also key to losing weight.

This recent study from Northwestern University showed that the people who get the most morning light exposure have a vastly lower body mass index than the people who get their sunlight later in the day or don’t get much at all. It didn’t matter how much they exercised, what their diet was like, how old they were or how much sleep they averaged. Getting morning sunlight, or not getting it, was responsible for TWENTY PERCENT of a persons body mass index (BMI).

This means you can lower your BMI with nothing but light!!!!!

The researchers said that to take advantage of this body weight hack, you only need to get about 20-30 minutes of morning light between 8am to noon. Even on a cloudy day, the outdoor sunlight will be bright enough to turn you into a fat burning machine.

When you’re not getting this morning light, you’re altering your circadian rhythm which messes up your metabolism which can lead to fatness.

So remember. Light is nutrition.

Reread that last sentence.

Too much light at night is like eating Twinkies 24/7. But not enough sunlight during the day is like not eating your vegetables.

So start a new habit and lower your BMI with light. Tomorrow morning. When you get up. Get outside and let that sunlight hit your eyes to send an initial signal to your brain that its day time and time to do daytime stuff. Then make sure to get at least 30 minutes of sunlight on as much skin as possible between 8am and noon. Your BMI will thank you, your fat will hate you and you’ll love the extra energy you have during the day.

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