TOOLS To Stop Big Tech & Internet Censorship & Spying

censorship Oct 12, 2020

I've noticed lately that my blue light diet stuff on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube is getting censored or outright deleted. Posts are getting deleted without my knowledge. Comments disabled. It seems this totalitarian like behavior is only increasing and not getting better.

So I've written this post to go over ways and show you how to counteract this new form of online censorship.

Lets talk for a moment on why I don't trust these big tech and social media companies. 

Google search and their Chrome browser.

Google was originally funded with help of the CIA and NSA with certain goals. Frankly it was a brilliant plan and it worked. There now are countless documented instances of them manipulating search results and "disappearing" certain web platforms and working with totalitarian regimes (no doubt so NSA or CIA can increase surveillance in those countries but still). You can read a great article on how Google was engineered for mass surveillance here.

I don't trust them...

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