How To Stop Your Iphone From Ruining Your Circadian Rhythm, Sleep & Health

iphone red screen redshift Mar 15, 2022

The artificial light from your iphone at night is ruining your circadian rhythm, sleep and health. It is even causing your eyes to destroy themselves. Watch this quick video to see why then scroll down the page to learn how to turn your iphone screen red at night which lessens the damage the artificial light is doing to your health.

This is a spectrometer reading of your iphone's normal screen. The huge unnatural spikes of blue and green signal your brain it is daytime. You DO NOT want to see these spikes at night.

Apple has this thing called "NightShift" mode. While it is better than the normal screen, as you can see in the pic below it still spits out a lot of the stimulating blue and green light which you do not want at night if you care about your circadian rhythm and health.

Below you see the light spectrum emitted when your phone is in redshift mode. It is not perfect but as you can see it is much better than your regular screen and even Apple's nightshift. So where...

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