Artificial Light At Night Makes Women Fat (Here's Proof)

Oct 17, 2020

Most people can immediately connect the relationship between obesity to diet and exercise.

You get fat and it must be because you eat poorly and don't exercise.

But what most people miss or cannot connect is that there is a third variable which contributes to getting fat that is just as important as diet and exercise.

This third variable is LIGHT.

More specifically the kind of light you allow into your life and WHEN you allow it.

The JAMA Internal Medicine paper below investigated this light variable. The paper asks....

Is artificial light at night while sleeping associated with weight gain and obesity?

This study found that the answer to the question above is YESSSSSSSSSSSS!

You can read the study yourself here.

Women who had a light on in their rooms or their tv on at night gained five kilograms or more! Any kind of artificial light at night increases your risk of obesity or gaining weight!

The study goes on to say.....

"In this cohort study of 43 722 women, artificial light at night while sleeping was significantly associated with increased risk of weight gain and obesity, especially in women who had a light or a television on in the room while sleeping. Associations do not appear to be explained by sleep duration and quality or other factors influenced by poor sleep."

So whats the moral of the story of this article?

Turn the lights off at night.....but if you dont....

You gotta wear your blue light blocking glasses at night if you are using artificial light. Here are my top five blue light blocking glasses. 

You have photoreceptors in your skin too so make sure to put on your pajamas as well to protect a lot of those photoreceptors from artificial lighting. Think of clothing as kind of an indoor "sun screen" for artificial light.

And if you do use light at night, try using a low lux red light or at least light with the blue wavelengths removed. I like the red light night lights from TrueDark here and Spectra479 here.


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