Sep 27, 2020

I'm going to make this a quick post on the brands of green and blue light blocking glasses that I recommend the most. 

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a HUGE blue blocker scam going on today.

If you buy blue blockers that are CLEAR in color, they are most likely worthless and certainly not at all safe to wear during the nighttime. A good rule of thumb to follow in regards to blue light blockers is that for daytime use you want to use a pair of glasses with a noticeable tint or yellow color. These tints will let in SOME blue light because your body and brain need it to operate optimally during the day. For this reason, NEVER wear your blue light blocking glasses outside.

For nighttime use you want a pair of blue light blockers that also blocks some green light. The color of a quality nighttime lens should be orange to red in color. These colors will block out most of the stimulating blue and green light that your body was designed not to see or sense at nighttime. 

Here are my top five favorite brands in no particular order....

RA OPTICS - As of this writing, my “go to” glasses for night are the RA Optics Ultimate Night Lens in the Thutmose frame. RA has top of the line blue and green light blockers for both the day and the night. You can get a good discount on your entire purchase if you enter the code “bluelightdiet10” at checkout and use this link:

TRUEDARK - Truedark is a great company for all things light and a favorite of Bulletproof Dave Asprey. They sell blue light blocking glasses for both day and night. I like their Truedark Twilights for night and their yellow tinted TrueDark daylights for daytime use. If you want to go really crazy, look at the TrueDark Classics which is a red lens for serious blue and green light blocking. They also have therapeutic lights and light covers. You can use the code “bluelightdiet” for a discount. Get them at:



Spectra479- My choice for blue light beginners.  The Spectra479 nighttime version lets in some green (after 530nm which is mostly outside that melatonin disruption curve) but for around $30 bucks a pair, these are damn good glasses. A great starter pair for any family member who you are trying to get into the habit of wearing blue blockers because they are not full green light blockers which means you can see better in them at night. They also have a decent pair of daytime glasses and also fitovers or clip ons for anyone who has to wear blue blockers over their prescription glasses. Use code "BlueLightDiet" for a discount. get them here:


BLUBLOX - Now known as "Bon Charge". As of this writing, my “go to” glasses for indoors in front of the computer during the day are the BLUblox SummerGLO’s which have the added color therapy effect of improving your mood in winter time. This is an Australian based company that makes day and night glasses, lights and one of the best sleep masks I’ve ever tried. Get a good discount off your entire purchase by using the code “bluelightdiet” at checkout and going to this link:


EMR-TEK - If you are looking for a heavy duty pair of blue and green light blocking glasses to block out ALL the blue and green light at night, you can't do much better than the EMR line of dark red lens blue blockers. These glasses are so strong I usually only wear them an hour or so before bed. Not for beginners! You can use the code "bluelight" for a discount at checkout and grab a pair for yourself here


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