Do Tom Brady's Blue Light Blocking Glasses Actually Work? Cloos X Brady Review

blue light glasses review Oct 14, 2020

Here's my Cloos X Brady Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review using a spectrometer for verification along with some important tips to keep in mind when your are wearing your blue blockers during the day and night.

I really wanted these Brady blue light blockers to work!

And I have to say that these Christopher Cloos X Brady glasses are the best blue light blocking glasses FRAMES that I have ever reviewed or owned. The whole customer service team at Christopher Cloos could not be any nicer or accommodating to me as well. 

But do these glasses actually they block the bad blue light that you need to care about?

Tom Brady threw a gigantic interception with these blue blockers. As you'll see with your own eyes in the video below they don't work so well for daytime use and are comlete failures for nighttime use.

Technically, these Cloos X Brady glasses block virtually no blue light at all. They block mostly light in the 380 to 410nm range which is violet light. Violet light is...

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