Why Is Coronavirus Killing More Black People? Its Not A Conspiracy...

Apr 13, 2020

In Chicago we have "Elevated" trains that run on electricity. So not only are there two train track rails for the actual train, but there is a third rail. This third rail is electrified and powers the train. If you touch this third rail, you become electrified and die.

The danger of the third rail is well known if you live in Chicago. 

You don't touch it.

Its also a great metaphor for what to talk about or not talk about in politics. 

So we'll see how long this article stays up as it will definitely touch the third rail for some of you. Please don't send delusional hate mail about how this is racist LOL.

If you listen to the advice here you will be better because of it. 

I'm going to make this article the fastest read yet since many of you told me my last two Coronavirus articles were too long.

I wonder what you're doing with all that quarantine time LOL.

In case you didn't get a chance to read them, here they are. The advice in these Coronavirus protocol articles applies to all skin colors and races.

1) How To Use Day and Night Cycles to "BOOST" Your Immune System

2) How to Quarantine the Healthy Way in the Age of Corona

Ok now that we got that out of the way, let's get into this dark skin thing...

As we're starting to realize in big cities like Chicago, black people are dying of coronavirus at a higher rate than any other group of people.

Even P Diddy is starting to sound the alarm although I don't even think he knows why its happening so if you're reading this article and you know Puff Daddy, please make him read it. 

The Fake News, I really think modern day news media incites fear and panic and lies for political or financial reasons so thats why I call them fake, is starting to say racism and wealth inequality is the reason black people are dying from Covid19.

They seem to be pushing that poor, victim angle and just stop there.

I don't know if they are doing this for politics or because they are dumb but if you stop there with them, your health is going to continue to get worse.

So are they right?

Do you have a higher death rate from coronavirus due to being black, poor and uninsured?

I'm not saying it doesn't factor in, and if you read the amazing book called The Biology of Belief the author even has a chapter on it but its not exactly what you think....

Let's look at some stats to make some conclusions in this new COVID world though shall we?

Here's the Johns Hopkins World COVID Infection Chart as of April 13, 2020.


Notice anything interesting?

On one of the poorest and darkest skinned continents in the World, with bad healthcare and little insurance, there's not much going on in terms of coronavirus infections. 

Why would that be?

One of the MAIN reasons is.....

Strong sun.


Skin color matters when it comes to how your body processes the light from the sun!

Dark skin offers more protection from stronger sun but this means it is also more optimized for stronger sun around the equator where the sun is strongest. With dark skin, your body can withstand strong sun power for a longer period of time. 

As one of my favorite doctors likes to say, this means dark skin is OVERLY protective for weaker Northern latitude sun like we're seeing in places like Chicago and NYC now. 

Darker skin needs more time in the sun in a weaker powered sun environment. 

Dark skinned people's skin and mitochondrial dna originated in and are optimized for an environment that includes super strong sun that is found in sub-Sahara and equatorial regions.

And its not just black people, its anyone with darker skin who lives in a Northern latitude. Which is why we are starting to see Native American and Latinos have increased death rate numbers too. 

But its not the Coronavirus that is so deadly.

Because dark skinned people live in a weak sun environment their vitamin D and innate immunity is lowered and they are more susceptible to getting many diseases.

This is also a big reason why older people of all skin types have bigger problems with coronavirus (because they have thinner skin and thinner skin doesnt convert sunlight to vitamin d as well) but we'll get into that in another article.

Vitamin D levels are proving very helpful as protection against coronavirus.

Sun hitting dark skin takes way longer to convert LDL into the Vitamin D that the human immune system seems to love so much. We know for a fact African Americans have huge problems with generating enough vitamin d.


You know one of the main reasons why now...

And when you realize that lighter skin pigmentation is conducive to making more vitamin D and darker skin pigmentation makes it harder because you can't get the benefits of weaker sunlight as well, you can now see why other diseases are more prevalent in African American's as well. 

For instance...

African Americans tend to suffer more from high blood pressure....

And getting UVA light in sunlight lowers blood pressure. But when your skin is overly protective of for the strength of sun you are exposed to, you don't get these benefits.

Anyways, you can go down the list of diseases but I will stop here.

I think you get my point.

Oh you still don't?


Watch this quick, 56 second long video now.


Thats enough for today.

I could get into other diseases like why African Americans suffer more from asthma etc but I'm gonna drop the mic right here while I'm ahead.

So what is the moral of this story?

If you have darker skin and live in an area with weak sun you have to stop listening to the sun scare your dermatologist keeps blabbering about.

You need stronger sun or more time in weaker sun.

Of course there are safe ways to do this.

Just read my blog, book or subscribe to The Blue Light Detox Program for more information on that. You can also follow my facebook page for more free tips.

A quick tip....

BUILD your vitamin d levels up during the summer time so they last you throughout the winter. Really concentrate on it. A natural dip in vitamin d levels during the winter is fine but a deficiency is not. A deficiency in Vitamin D means you have a deficiency of sunlight in your life.

If you are in the northern or southern hemisphere when it is weak sun winter time, you can use a UVB lamp to stimulate or preserve vitamin d levels.

My favorite UVB lamp is the SPERTI VITAMIN D LAMP. You can see it here and get a discount on the lamp if you use the special code "bluelightdiet" at checkout. 


If you do use a UVB Vitamin D generating lamp like this, consider also using a red and infrared light therapy lamp at the same time. My favorite red light lamps are from EMR just click here to check them out. The secret code "bluelight" will get you a discount. 





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