How To Quarantine in the Age of Corona: Don't Let Indoor Living Make You Unhealthy (5 MIN Read)

Mar 26, 2020


(I am making this a fast read so will be skipping a lot of deep explanations)

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So now most of the world besides maybe some of the lucky countries by the equator,  seems to be going in to some type of quarantine or extreme social distancing.

That's fine.

Do it.

Get this dumb virus thing over with fast. 

But Quarantine the right and healthy way.

Most people quarantine the wrong and unhealthy way. 

Whats the uncool wrong unhealthy way to quarantine?

Stay inside most of the day being relatively inactive lounging under artificial lighting and the glare of tech screens surrounded by WIFI signals and breathing in dry, recycled indoor air. Watch bright tv screens and Netflix at night staying up later than usual and probably waking up later than usual the next morning. 

Something like that.

If you read my last monster article on how to fight the Coronavirus, you'll realize that living an indoor lifestyle like this day after day suppresses your immune system and makes you more likely to get sick. Read the article at the link you just passed over when you have an extra half hour.

You are disrupting your natural circadian rhythm and making it easier for microbes and viruses to hurt you.

Essentially indoor living like this means you are living in an unhealthy environment, fake light, fake food, fake air.

If you want a visual to reinforce the idea here you go.

Which goldfish will live longer?

When you live indoors, you are the goldfish on the left.

BTW if you are bored in quarantine and you would like a cool health training program that teaches you everything you need to know about how to clean your environment and make it healthy, check out the Balance Protocol Enviro online training program, it is well worth the cost and there is also a free version.

OK so whats the cool healthy right way to quarantine and why?

You need to have active brighter fresh air days and restful darker nights.

1) Open windows, breathe properly, walk or jump around to get fresh air for FIVE SPECIFIC SUNLIGHT BREAKS during the day as recommended below.

2) Block certain light at night, turn off your WIFI and put your cell in airplane mode and use a humidifier. 

Let's blow through a quick explanation of the above suggestions really fast....

 The picture above shows how the "formula" of light that is emitted from the sun changes throughout the day. Sunrise is on the far left, noon is in the middle and sunset is on the far right of the above chart,

In the early morning on the left of the above chart the light emitted by the sun is mostly just visible (VIS) and infrared (IR). Later in the morning, UV-A light emerges. Around noon, UV-B light comes out. Then going in to the afternoon you see the UVA and UVB light fades away and we are left with just visible and infrared light again around sunset.

Realize that each of the unique combinations of light that comes out at different times during the day do different things to your body and health! Think of it as eating all the colors of the sun just as doctors tell you to eat all the colors of the rainbow to stay healthy. The birghtness of the outdoors compared to the indoors helps greatly to set your circadian rhythm which optimizes your immune system as well.

When you have a strong circadian rhythm, your whole body works better.

So get outside. You don't have to touch anyone and can still observe the 6 feet away rule. Stay in your yard. Stick your head out a window. Just get outside. 

Here are the five specific times to ditch your quarantine and get outside and get sunlight on your skin...

1) SUNRISE-ish

Get out for sunrise if possible or as soon as you get up. The first light your eyes should see is not artificial light from an energy saver bulb or a tech screen, it is LIGHT FROM THE SUN. Fake light is missing the vital colors or wavelengths and specific color temperature that sunlight provides that signal your brain and mitochondria about what to be doing.

This early morning sunlight turns on your brain, sets your circadian rhythm, activates certain hormones, preps your mitochondria and ACTIVATES your immune system through increased circulation of T-Cells. 



2) EARLY MORNING (9-10am)

You want to get outside when that UVA light from the sun starts to strengthen. Why? Because the UVA light helps to liberate nitric oxide from your blood vessels which lowers blood pressure (very good in the age of Corona as we are seeing people with high blood pressure are more prone to bad news when they meet COVID19). UVA light also deactivates some of those hormones that were turned on by early morning sunlight.

Nitric Oxide liberated by this Ultraviolet-A sunlight may also help fight off the Coronavirus if it attacks your system.



Yes I said "solar noon" not noon. Solar noon is the time when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. This is also the time that the most UVB light reaches the area your are in. UVB helps to make Vitamin D in your body. The creation of Vitamin D is HUGE for your immune system. 

How do you tell when it is solar noon in your area?

1) Download the free app to your phone called "DMINDER"

2) It will tell you when solar noon is at your exact location, keep track of your vitamin d levels and even estimate the time you can stay in the sun without getting a sunburn.

3) Go outside at solar noon and get the sun on as much bare skin as possible without burning to build up your Vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D is crucial for your immune system and immunity from viruses etc.  New evidence even shows Vitamin D definicency contributes to the bad part of the cononavirus problem known as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). It is best to get your vitamin d from the sun and not from a pill because of all the beneficial processes your body has to go through to make vitamin d. A wise doctor once said taking vitamin d pills is like having someone do your push ups for you. Take them if you are very low, but start building your D levels through sunlight exposure at solar noon.



We'll make this one quick. Get outside during the afternoon to get another blast of bright outdoor sunlight in your face. Even if it is cloudy it is brighter than it is inside your house. This brightness or LUX level is kind of like a wireless charger from the sun to your brain and body. It makes your whole system function better with more energy by keeping your circadian rhythm synchronized and not disrupted. 



At sunset just about all of the UV light is gone and we are back to the kind of light that is present around sunrise. The light at this time has lots of red and it also kind of peaks and then dims really fast. This combination or red light and then brighter light dimming in a relatively short period of time triggers your brain and body to start going into rest and regeneration mode as well as improving your immune system by increasing concentration of melatonin.

Remember, after the sun sets, you want to use as little light as possible or that artificial light at night will suppress your melatonin, ruin the quality of your sleep and hurt your immune system so if you are going to use light at night make sure to wear special blue light blocking glasses.


Why? The movement from acute exercise like walking stimulates your lymphatic system and increases the effectiveness of your immune system, especially in older adults.

And indoor air pollution suppresses your immune system as well so open those windows and let your house BREATHE!!!


Learn how to breathe properly! One of the worst ways to breathe is constantly through your mouth. Breathe through your nose. Get the book called The Oxygen Advantage on Amazon. Here is the author of that book giving you a brief training on how to breathe properly and even use breathing to deal with viruses.


Finally, remember that pandemics usually don't do so well in SUN. When you have time, give this great article about the 1918 pandemic and sunlight a read.

Ok now let's get on to healthy quarantining at night......


For millions of years when the sun went down, it was dark. That's how your body evolved to work optimally. Only in the last hundred or so years have we been able to turn night into day at the flick of a switch and disrupt the circadian rhythm that our body's use as time cues to operate. When you put your iPhone in your face or turn on a tv screen to watch Netflix, that bright light gives a signal to your brain that it is day time out. So instead of doing nighttime resting and regenerating things, your brain does daytime alert and active things and your body breaks down faster because of this.

For now, there are two ways to deal with this light at night problem. The first is to dim your lights at night or turn off as many lights as possible. You want to make it as dark as you possibly can for a few hours before you go to bed.

The other way is to buy yourself a pair of special glasses that block the bad kind of light at night which is mostly blue and green light. 

My favorite "blue blockers" as these special glasses are sometimes called are located here and here and here.

Try to go to bed around the same time every night and wake up around the same time every morning. This will establish that rhythm your body needs to function optimally and if you read Matthew Walker's excellent book on sleep you'll learn that going to bed earlier means more deep sleep and repair.


Just stay with me for one minute here. We have all these new invisible signals in the air passing through your body. Some evidence is starting to show that these signals are effecting your immune system by constantly causing a stress that never goes away as these radiation signals are always on. Therefore they are constantly suppressing your immune system cellular activity as this study shows.

Where are all the hot zones for corona now? Big cities. Lots of people with lots of cell phones, wifi and brand new 5G systems operating 24/7. Add in the air pollution around these cities and you may have people with seriously depressed immune systems. This article really goes in depth into the possibility of WIFI and new high powered 5G systems suppressing your immune system and making you more vulnerable to viruses.

So do your immune system a favor.

Turn your WIFI off at night and put your phone into airplane mode. It certainly will not hurt you to do this and will probably help. A neat "set it and forget it" way of doing this is to just plug your WIFI router into a cheap $10 outlet timer like this and set it to go foo at 11pm and turn back on at 7am. Your WIFI will then be automatically turned off each night and back on in the morning and you will never know it!


Dry winter air seems to increase the chances a virus will take hold inside of you. Keep your house and your bedroom well humidified. Use a humidifier if you have to. Aim for around 50-60% humidity. It makes it more difficult for viruses to travel in the air and survive. Humid air will also reduce person to person transmission of viruses like the flu. 

I just got a good one on amazon for forty-five bucks.


That is not an extensive list of things to do but those tips will make your Corona Quarantine much healthier.

If you are bored during this extended quarantine and would like to learn about how light effects your health in good and bad ways, you can sign up for my Blue Light Detox Program here or you can find out if you are Blue Light Toxic by taking the free quiz on my website.


If you can't get outside as often, you can supplement some of the light you are missing every day just as you take vitamins to supplement some of the nutrients you are missing from your diet.

Some of the most important light to supplement is RED and INFRARED light.

This is light that is absorbed by certain parts of mitochondria in your body and helps everything work better. When you analyze sunlight you'll find that over 50% of sunlight is made up of red and infrared wavelengths of light.

This is one of my favorite red and infrared light machines, The EMR FireWave.  I also like their FireStorm and Inferno lights as well. For the next 72 HOURS, EMR is having a sale right, use the special code "bluelight" at checkout to get a discount and a free Firewave red and infrared light machine when you order the FireStorm red and infrared light machine.

Click here to get the special offer or just check out their lights.

Red Light Therapy, also called Photobiomodulation, is so powerful is certain circumstances that it is kind of considered a drug. The amount of health issues it helps with is growing every day probably because people are starving for LIGHT. You don't get outside as much as your ancestors did (when you do you are covered up with clothes and lathered in suntan lotion) and your body is red light deficient. 

In specific regards to Coronavirus, if you look at the study of the Chinese Basketball players above, you'll see that red light machines improved their sleep quality and increased their melatonin which implies a better immune system. 

If light power is weak in your area and you are looking to get some UVB light to generate some Vitamin D from home then I would suggest checking out the Sperti Vitamin D Lamp. Their red Fiji lamp will also work for Vitamin D generation.


Even if it is cold where you are, when the sun is out, take off as many clothes as you can and go in your yard and get some sun on your skin. You don't have to go for a long distance walk or anything, just do a simple and easy HIT exercise like this below to stimulate your lymphatic and immune system. This is the nitric oxide 4 minute work out from Dr Zach Bush.


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