Do Tom Brady's Blue Light Blocking Glasses Actually Work? Cloos X Brady Review

blue light glasses review Oct 14, 2020

Here's my Cloos X Brady Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review using a spectrometer for verification along with some important tips to keep in mind when your are wearing your blue blockers during the day and night.

I really wanted these Brady blue light blockers to work!

And I have to say that these Christopher Cloos X Brady glasses are the best blue light blocking glasses FRAMES that I have ever reviewed or owned. The whole customer service team at Christopher Cloos could not be any nicer or accommodating to me as well. 

But do these glasses actually they block the bad blue light that you need to care about?

Tom Brady threw a gigantic interception with these blue blockers. As you'll see with your own eyes in the video below they don't work so well for daytime use and are comlete failures for nighttime use.

Technically, these Cloos X Brady glasses block virtually no blue light at all. They block mostly light in the 380 to 410nm range which is violet light. Violet light is...

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I'm going to make this a quick post on the brands of green and blue light blocking glasses that I recommend the most. 

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a HUGE blue blocker scam going on today.

If you buy blue blockers that are CLEAR in color, they are most likely worthless and certainly not at all safe to wear during the nighttime. A good rule of thumb to follow in regards to blue light blockers is that for daytime use you want to use a pair of glasses with a noticeable tint or yellow color. These tints will let in SOME blue light because your body and brain need it to operate optimally during the day. For this reason, NEVER wear your blue light blocking glasses outside.

For nighttime use you want a pair of blue light blockers that also blocks some green light. The color of a quality nighttime lens should be orange to red in color. These colors will block out most of the stimulating blue and green light that your body was designed not to see or sense at nighttime. 


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Spectra479 Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

The Spectra479 blue and green light blocking glasses are one of my favorite mid tier priced blue blockers. At around $30 (using the special code "BlueLightDiet" at checkout) they block virtually all of the blue light and a lot of the green light as well. The specs show that the 479's start letting in .1% of green light at 520nm and just 1% at 530nm. This is an upgrade from your typical blue blockers light blocking ability like the UVEX Orange and a slight downgrade in blocking ability from higher tier blue and green light blockers like RA Optics or True Dark.

The benefit is that you still get the vast majority of melatonin protection and these glasses are easier to see in at night so they make a great intro pair or are good for anyone who won't wear blue light blocking glasses because they cause TOO MUCH light distortion.

The Spectra479's also come in a "clip on" version where you can simply clip them on to an existing pair of prescription glasses so you can still get the benefits of...

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