Dermatology Blue Light Diet Style: Is Your Dermatologist Right About Sunscreen? (2 Minute Read)

Do you think there is a possibility that dermatologists, while they might mean well, could be wrong about the sun?

This short and to the point blog series will dig into that question.

It is evident current dermatology advice causes more of the dangerous cancers like breast cancer. They tell you the sun causes cancer yet the reality is that most of us live indoors under blue light toxic artificial lighting probably greater than 80 to 90% of the time.  The lower your Vitamin D level is, the higher your risk of breast, melanoma and basal cell cancers, just to name a few! So what is really causing these cancers? But this is a topic for the next blog post.  

If you don't want to wait, order the book called "Embrace The Sun" off of Amazon now and you'll see all the evidence laid out plain as day.

It is my opinion that dermatologists who tell you the sun is dangerous are causing way more cancer than they are preventing. The vast majority of them certainly can't tell you how...

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Is Avoiding the Sun REALLY as Bad for Your Health as Smoking?

There’s some new research out recently showing that women who sunbathe are more likely to live longer than women who don’t! The study looked at almost 30,000 Swedish over a period of twenty years.

Heart disease being one of the big factors that decreased in women who regularly get some sun.

But this was the craziest quote in the study…..

“We found smokers in the highest sun exposure group were at a similar risk as non-smokers avoiding sun exposure, indicating avoidance of sun exposure to be a risk factor of the same magnitude as smoking,” said Dr. Pelle Lindqvist, lead author of the Journal of Internal Medicine study.

“Guidelines being too restrictive regarding sun exposure may do more harm than good for health.”

Read that again.

Yes you read that right. Avoiding the sun may be as big of a risk factor to your health as smoking cigarettes is. You can see the full article and study here: Sun Avoidance as Bad as Smoking

Whats a good way to...

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Still Can’t Lose that Extra Weight? Morning Light May Be All You Need…

bmi sunlight weight loss Mar 20, 2019

Yes the name of the book is The Blue Light Diet and the name of the online video training course is The Blue Light Detox Program.

But its not all about blue light, which can be good or bad for you depending on the time of day you get your blue light.

The goal of the book and program is to get you to start thinking about light just the same way you think about your nutrition and diet. Because light can do the same good or bad things to you that food can do. It can create a health heaven or health hell for you.

Being healthy has a lot to do with just getting back to nature. We’re surrounded by so much artificial light, but what your body is screaming for is just some natural sunlight.

Have you ever been on a diet, made good initial progress but then just couldn’t seem to lose the amount of weight you wanted? Or would you like a way to lose weight and lower your BMI that doesn’t involve diets or exercise?

Well the answer to your problem might be as simple as getting...

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