Dermatology Blue Light Diet Style: Is Your Dermatologist Right About Sunscreen? (2 Minute Read)

May 25, 2019

Do you think there is a possibility that dermatologists, while they might mean well, could be wrong about the sun?

This short and to the point blog series will dig into that question.

It is evident current dermatology advice causes more of the dangerous cancers like breast cancer. They tell you the sun causes cancer yet the reality is that most of us live indoors under blue light toxic artificial lighting probably greater than 80 to 90% of the time.  The lower your Vitamin D level is, the higher your risk of breast, melanoma and basal cell cancers, just to name a few! So what is really causing these cancers? But this is a topic for the next blog post.  

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It is my opinion that dermatologists who tell you the sun is dangerous are causing way more cancer than they are preventing. The vast majority of them certainly can't tell you how the sun works like we briefly explain in this video. 

But in this post, you will see for yourself if your dermatologist's advice could actually be CAUSING you more skin cancer....

In this study, we see that tyrosinase inhibitors found in sunscreens and cosmetics recommended by dermatologists might MAKE UV light from the sun more likely to cause cancer.


Your body synthesizes melanin in your skin which both absorbs and protects you from stronger UV light. Melanin is what gives you a tan and also happens to be anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulatory and even has anti-oxidant effects. Tyrosinase is the main enzyme that helps to make melanin in your skin.

What they are finding is that many of the ingredients in sunscreens and cosmetics, PABA, salicylic acid, benzoic acid and the organic UV absorbers, Uvinul M40, MS40 and D50 inhibit tyrosinase.

This means that sunscreen ingredients are preventing your body from being able to use it's natural defenses against strong sun.

As the authors of the study state....

"Even if sunscreens are effective in filtering the UV rays, the likely inhibition of the melanin synthesis in the skin is probably harmful increasing the genetic damage produced by UV rays and contributing to the continuous raising trend of MM. This can be counterintuitive if considering a possible compensatory effect due to the sunscreen, but it is realistic to hypothesize that the compensatory effect is not complete. Due to the long human evolution pathway 8, skin melanin should have, at least in theory, a much higher efficacy (UV absorbing and protecting properties) than anthropogenic sunscreens."

So when your dermatologist says wear sunscreen all day every day, be aware that someone who graduated a 6 year med school program within the last few decades of life on this planet is telling you they know more than millions of years of evolution figuring out and building ways for your body to naturally deal with and absorb the sun without giving you a disease. 

Wear sunscreen every day and you are ruining the natural programs nature has developed to protect you and your skin. 

Now the question is, who do you trust more...

Your decades old dermatologist with all the answers or the billions of years old Mother Nature?

It is plain as day who the authors of this study trust...

"It is our opinion that its use should be banned in any product that may enter in contact with human skin."

On to the next one....



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