Get Out Of Nature’s Way, Dude! Advice from The Blue Light Diet

Mar 26, 2019

The smartphones and tablets that you probably have in your hand or house right now, as 90% of Americans do, can result in some pretty bad things to your health and biology, ruining your mitochondria is one of the worst things they do.

Blue light is one of the rarest wavelengths of light in nature. So over time your body has evolved to use this light as an operating signal.

What kind of operating signals?

For one, the blue light emanating from these devices signal your body to suppress melatonin secretion. Melatonin is a crucial hormone for a good nights sleep and mitochondrial health. So if you’re using your phone or any type of LED screen a few hours before bedtime, you’re trashing the quality of your sleep and slowly killing your mitochondria. When your sleep isn’t good, a process your body uses to repair itself during sleep called autophagy isn’t good either. All of this leads to bad health news for you.

Instead, you might want to think about reading a paperback book in dim red lighting at night before you go to bed instead of using artificially lit cell phones, computers or tv’s.

Especially if you have a disease like breast cancer. Not only does light at night increase breast cancer risk by 70% but it is more detrimental to women because their melatonin is more likely to be suppressed. This study shows that breast cancer is more likely to spread even with dim nighttime light exposure.

While the blue light from your phones will screw your body’s circadian rhythm up at night time, on the other hand, not getting enough natural light during the day may also do a number on your health!

Indoor lighting is much less bright than the sun and it doesn't have the crucial wavelengths that life has evolved under for the last few billion years. As this study shows, the more sun you get, the more health benefits you receive, including a lower risk of most cancers.

When you replace the sun with weak man-made lighting during the day and replace the darkness of night with artificial lights and screens, you’re creating a mismatch of sorts and confusing your body systems. The weak indoor light during the day is making your body think night and the blue light at night is giving your body a signal that the sun is shining in your eyes!

One of the easiest ways to solve these problems is to just get out of nature’s way!

Make sure to get some real morning sunlight in your eyes and on your skin, get outside a few more times during the day and after dark filter out all blue and green light and use dim red indoor lighting.

The Blue Light Diet book and The Blue Light Detox Program go more into specifics but just imagine you were a human before lighting and technology came around. You’d be getting up with the sun and going to bed when it went down.

The secret to good health may be just as easy as this. Going back as much as possible to what nature originally intended.

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