Apr 22, 2024

The CDC says about 48% of Americans, or 120 million people, have high blood pressure.

120 million people with hypertension.

Simple lowering of blood pressure could save thousands of lives each year.

What the eff is going on?


Your doctor and the "experts" may be the problem.

Ask someone you know with high blood pressure how much time they spent outside in the last week.

Its probably not a lot.

The EPA ran a study a while ago and found Americans spend about 90% of their time INDOORS.

And with the advent of tech and screens, I bet all my bitcoin that number has only increased.

But let's just say your friend with high blood pressure is outside a lot....say an hour or more per day.

Now ask them how much of their bare skin is exposed to the sun during that time.

I bet not much.

Why am I making you ask all these questions?

Because sunlight on skin regulates and/or LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE.

The sun is Nature's high blood pressure RX.

The problem is that modern life is replacing natural life. Indoor living has replaced outdoor living.

Now most of you are living the opposite of how Nature designed your body to live and you are getting diseases of modern life.

High blood pressure is an epidemic now because living indoors is an epidemic and our experts are regularly giving health advice that raises blood pressure..

Add living 90% of your life indoors to delusional dermatologists screaming at you to block sunlight nonstop any time you go outside because of "dangerous" uv light and your cardiologists remaining mostly silent on the issue and BAM, 120 million Americans get high blood pressure.

One of the main reasons sunlight lowers blood pressure is because of UV-A light in sunlight.


How exactly can you use sunlight to lower or regulate your blood pressure?

(By the way, the people with the higher blood pressure see the biggest results from the sun lowering it.)

Well, as you read in the first picture above, the UV-A light in sunlight mobilizes nitric oxide and dilates your blood vessels which then brings blood closer to the skin which allows it to be exposed to sun rays and leads to a lowering of blood pressure. 

Another way is through the creation of Vitamin D and its interaction with renin activity in your kidneys to regulate blood pressure. (Vitamin D supplements do not works as well for this as Vitamin D created through the process of sun exposure).

So ideally what you need to do is get outside a few times daily and let sunlight hit as much of your skin as possible.

The UV-A light starts emerging in early morning but really doesn't build up until mid morning. With this in mind, a mid morning after breakfast walk might be your best option!

And then for Vitamin D generation, get outside for a bit when the UV-B light is stronger around solar noon wherever you are in the world. A sun session during or after lunch would be good.

Some of you who have been living a mostly indoor life and your skin hasn't been exposed to sunlight as much may have to start slower. Take baby steps with your exposure to sunlight and build up a slight tan.

We also know that exposure to red and infrared light can precondition your skin to be able to handle the stronger UV light. 

To precondition your skin with red light before you go into stronger sun light you can either see sunrise and let that light hit your skin because sunrise has lots of red and infrared light with very little UV light or you can buy a red light therapy machine and pretreat your skin with it before you go into the sun. This is my favorite brand of red light therapy machines.

Some of you may need extreme care and have to take the pills recommended by your doctor's but I would bet the vast majority of you do not.

What is certain is that sunlight will help all of you lower or regulate your high blood pressure.

So keep your pills, but also get sun daily.

I bet all my bitcoin that eventually you and your doctor will find you don't need the pills anymore.

If you would like to learn more about light and health, the best place to get started is probably my most recommended links page. You can find that page by clicking here.


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