WINDOWS: How Indoor Living & Sunlight Through Windows Can Accelerate Disease Generation and Cancer

Jun 06, 2024

I'm going to make this a quick article because you really should just watch the video I made for you below instead.

The simple fact of the matter is that the switch to indoor living under fake light and temperature controls is probably the number one factor in accelerated disease and cancer generation today.

The biggest problem being that you are exposed to an alien form of light that gives your body incorrect operating instructions.

You made it this far so I assume you already know that artificial light, among other things, disrupts your circadian rhythm and accelerates disease generation.

What you might not know is that artificial light during the day also, among other things creates circadian rhythm disruption and accelerates disease generation.

You have bad artificial screen and LED (mostly) lighting to worry about but what most people don't realize is that sunlight through windows is also a major problem.

Windows distort the natural spectrum of sunlight into an artificial manmade spectrum of light that, compared to unfiltered sunlight, can accelerate disease generation in many different ways.

Light is food, information and operating instructions for your body.

When sunlight passes through a window, the natural order of the light in sunlight is altered. 

As you'll see with your own eyes in the video below, sunlight through a window becomes a manmade, artificial spectrum of light that you would never find in nature.

This is what natural unfiltered sunlight looks like on a spectrometer

This is what that same sunlight looks like when it passes through a window.

Its not the same light!

In this video you’ll see with your own eyes how indoor living and sunlight through windows causes…

Red and infrared light deficiency which wrecks your metabolism.
Blue light toxicity which ruins your eyes, sleep and skin.
UV light spectrum alteration which causes skin cancer and crashes your vitamin d levels.
Low lux circadian rhythm disruption which accelerates deadly cancer.

90% of the average persons day is spent indoors. This is very bad for health. You must take multiple outside sun breaks during the day as well as open your windows.

If for some reason you can't get outside, you can use something like the LUX Vital and Sky Portal here (HINT: use code "bluelightdiet" for discount) as well as open your windows in your house or office and add in any red and infrared light therapy device from EMR.

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