BREAST CANCER: How Your Tamoxifen May Not Be Working...

Jun 27, 2018

I want you to forget for a moment how blue light and artificial light at night (ALAN) probably a major contributing cause of breast cancer. For instance, if you're a night shift worker, like a nurse, you better stop working the night shift ASAP.

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Today I want you to just share this article with someone who is fighting breast cancer because this knowledge will help them in their fight. Big time.

In this short article, you will learn how darkness at night can slow or prevent the growth of breast cancer and see a new breast cancer study that shows how artificial light at night can make one of the most prescribed drugs to fight breast cancer, Tamoxifen, kind of worthless. We're not going to do a deep dive, we're just going to skim the surface so you have enough information to make an informed decision. I'm going to try to make this a quick, 5 minute read. 

Let's get into it...


How can light at night speed breast cancer growth and darkness at night suppress breast cancer's growth?

Think about it.

Life and your body evolved under the laws of nature over millions of years. For millions of years life has been operating according to the spin of the earth. A 24 hour cycle. The sun comes up, brings light and your body gets the signal to run daytime programs. The sun goes down, darkness comes out and your body gets the signal to runs nighttime programs.

Things were working perfectly until man learned how to alter nature's light and dark signal by instantly turning night into day at the flick of a switch. 

Realize that to your brain and body, this is essentially stopping the spin of the earth and the programs they have evolved under for millions of years.

Its creating mass confusion inside of you.

So what are the ways the study shows artificial light at night creates mass confusion and speeds breast cancer development or contributes to your breast cancer coming back?

1: Rats with breast cancer that were kept in complete darkness at night had slower growth and a lot less breast cancer development than rats that were exposed to even dim light at night. To my Blue Light Detox and Diet subscribers this is no surprise. Light at night, other than low level starlight or moonlight, is not natural. It messes up how your body is programmed to work. Not only do you ruin your circadian rhythm but you also inhibit the process where your body repairs damaged cells called autophagy. The process called apoptosis, where your body destroys cells, is also made less efficient. 

One more big thing that artificial light at night does to you is that it dampens or prevents the release of melatonin. Contrary to what you may think, melatonin is not just for sleep. Melatonin happens one of, if not the strongest and most important antioxidants your body produces. Melatonin inhibits the initiation, progression and metastasis of cancer.

2: TAMOXIFEN INHIBITION. The guys in charge of this most recent study say "High melatonin levels at night put breast cancer cells to 'sleep' by turning off key growth mechanisms. These cells are vulnerable to tamoxifen. But when the lights are on and melatonin is suppressed, breast cancer cells 'wake up' and ignore tamoxifen."

You can see the study here: Circadian and Melatonin Disruption by Exposure to Light at Night Drives Intrinsic Resistance to Tamoxifen Therapy in Breast Cancer.

In the study, both groups of rats got the breast cancer drug Tamoxifen. The anticancer effectiveness of tamoxifen in the group of rats exposed to dim light at night was way less than the group of rats who were kept in complete darkness at night. In other words, the blue light from your iphones and other artificial light at night causes your Tamoxifen to lose its breast cancer fighting ability. 

The rats that were given Tamoxifen and kept in total darkness at night saw reductions in both tumor growth and size. 

So what does this mean if you have breast cancer and are on Tamoxifen?

Total darkness at night is key to success of breast cancer therapy.

In fact, I would go so far as to say total darkness at night is key to fighting ANY cancer due to establishing proper circadian rhythm, autophagy, apoptosis and having as much of the anticancer hormone melatonin pumped into your system as possible. 

If you can't do total darkness at night, which means turn off the lights, your phones, your tvs etc, there are some other options that probably won't work as well but will still work to some degree.

A) WEAR BLUE BLOCKER GLASSES AT NIGHT to prevent your body from stopping the release of melatonin. Light in the 460-480nm range is the biggest suppressor of melatonin. This is the kind of light coming from your iphones, tvs and those energy saving LED lights. The green spectrum of light also suppresses some melatonin so ideally you want blue/green blockers. You'll learn all about this in The Blue Light Diet and The Blue Light Detox but for now you can find a cheap pair of blueblockers here or blue/green blockers here. Try to be as much in tune with nature as you can and put your blue blockers on around sunset. 

B) USE BLACKOUT SHADES. Get all the light out of your bedroom at night. This breast cancer tamoxifen study showed an adverse effect even with just the equivalent of a night light on. Get some on Amazon here. Get rid of all the little blinking lights that are on electronic equipment like computers. You want your room super dark at night.

C) GET AM SUNLIGHT. Morning full spectrum and UV light helps to regenerate melatonin in your body and it also builds serotonin which is a precursor to melatonin. Get outside and in the sun the first thing in the morning if you can. 

D) READ THE BLUE LIGHT DIET OR BLUE LIGHT DETOX PROGRAM. The Blue Light Diet will be available on Amazon soon in 2018. Read it. It will show you how to get the good light into your life and the bad light out of your life. The Blue Light Detox program is available now. It is a 45 day online video training program that shows you everything you need to know and do to make sure that the light you live under every day is making you healthy instead of unhealthy. You can find the Blue Light Detox program and get a free intro guide to light and your health at 

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