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Sep 11, 2023
Green Light Therapy

If you suffer from migraine headaches, implement this strategy now and please forward this email to anyone you know who also gets migraines.

I'm going to give you a few migraine reducing strategies based on light that few doctors know about and even less apply.

Let's get started.

First off, as with many health problems, it seems one of the reasons bad health is coming to people faster and migraines are increasing is that modern life takes you out of the environment that Nature optimized your body to function in. 

Think about it.

So this article is going to show you how to use green light to fix your migraines. It still totally hasn't been fleshed out as to why green works so well for migraines but it is probably due to cone-driven retinal pathways connected to light-sensitive thalamic neurons in your brain as well as your photopic vision's peak sensitivity is mid green plus some innate psychological effect as well.

This is what I am surrounded by twice a day on my walks in the country-side.

Anytime light passes through or reflects off of something the type of light changes. When you walk through a forest, sunlight hits the green leaves on the trees. Green light is reflected and red light is absorbed. Sometimes leaves have colors on their undersides to reflect back certain kinds of light so you can really get a good dose of natural green light therapy. Literally every day on my walks I am getting green light therapy provided by Nature.

Now, how much green do you think you are you exposed to walking in a big city or living and working indoors most of the day?

Not much, man. 

So because of this daily disconnect with Nature, in order to survive modern life, you gotta get back to Nature as much as possible and hack what you cant.

This is where a green light LED machine comes in. 

This study shows Circadian Rhythm disruption (dark days and bright nights) increased the number of these kinds of headaches women get AND increased their severity.

 The women with circadian rhythm disruption got almost DOUBLE the amount of migraines each month!

Simply increasing the amount of sleep did not fix the problem as there is a such thing as bad sleep (for instance drugging yourself to sleep with pills or antihistamines, sleeping at the wrong time or blasting yourself with artificial light from your iphone before bed and reducing the amount of melatonin released).

If you are blasting yourself with phone or tv light at night, followed by waking up and blasting yourself with more phone or screen light before you see the real sun and then spending most of the day working indoors under artificial lights, guess what?

You got MAJOR CIRCADIAN RHYTHM DISRUPTION. If you are a night shift worker, forget about it.

Even worse.

So one of your Blue Light Diet circadian migraine prescriptions is that your days need to be brighter and your nights need to be darker.

See real unfiltered sunlight first thing in the morning before anything else. You need to reset and advance your circadian phase. This means you need to super bright light of the sun when you get up in the morning. (If it is winter and/or you can get outside in the morning, during the morning you can use a bright bank of incandescent lights, a bright red light therapy machine like EMR (maybe) or a modified SAD light like a Sky Portal).

If you use artificial lighting during the day or night, make sure the lights are NO to LOW FLICKER.

Get outside multiple times during the day for circadian rhythm reinforcing and melatonin building sunlight breaks. Turn off or block all artificial light at night by wearing the best blue light blocking glasses as recommended by this page in this article.

And always remember, to remain healthier longer, Nature requires you to have super bright days and super dark nights.


Harvard Medical School researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have found that exposing migraine sufferers to a narrow band of green light significantly reduces photophobia and can reduce headache severity.

As Harvard was researching light, they found that most of the colors in regular office lighting increase the intensity of headaches....except one color.


They found that the "narrowband" green wavelength of light does not trigger migraine causing neurons in the brain as much and also reduces pain.

To start treating your migraines and reducing their pain like Harvard did in the above study, you can buy a narrowband GREEN LED light like this one and use it whenever a migraine strikes. All you have to do is turn it on and look into the gentle green light for a short period of time. With this model you can even close your eyes.

Keep in mind though that they also found blue light and even yellow, orange and red light, if bright enough, could trigger or worsen a migraine in some people. Blue light was the worst, so if you are using blue heavy artificial lights or screens at night, you really do need to wear blue light blocking glasses.

In this next study we see that green LED (GLED) significantly reduced the number of headache days in chronic and episodic migraine people and significantly improved multiple secondary outcome measures including quality of life and intensity and duration of the headache attacks. 

The way they did it in this study was simply exposing people to a 525nm green LED light like this one in a dark room for 1-2 hours per day for 10 weeks. Put the green light in your field of vision but there is no need to stare at it. You can work or read, just dont fall asleep or use other sources of light during your session. Ideally you do this during the daytime and not at night because this kind of green light at night can suppress your melatonin. Of course, if you get a migraine at night and you need to stop the pain and cut down the duration of the migraine I would still probably use it at night. Just dont make a habit of it.

You should see a significant reduction in migraine days and increased quality of life at the end of your 10 week period but I would guess even sooner.

So there you have it.

You just learned two HUGE and well researched strategies to reduce the frequency and dull the pain of migraine headaches.

ONE: Stop disrupting and start restoring your circadian rhythm.

TWO: Use a special GREEN light LED lamp every day to reduce migraine frequency or when your migraine strikes to reduce length and pain.


1) Get outside many times throughout the day, especially in the morning. Find a GREEN area like a forest and walk through it regularly. You'll get a natural green light therapy treatment when the sun hits the green leaves of the trees. If you CANT get bright sunlight in the AM (for instance in the winter), you can try a special SAD light in mornings like this NIR/Blue Sky Portal. Use code "bluelightdiet" for a discount. 

2) If you are exposed to artificial lighting at night you NEED to be wearing blue light blocking glasses. You can see video reviews of all my favorite blue light blocking glasses right here.

3) If you are going to use artificial light at night, it is best at the very least to use super dimly lit light or use flicker and blue light free nighttime lighting like the "Sunset Bulb" from EMR. Use code "bluelight" for a deal. 

4) If the green light therapy machine below (around $200) is out of your price range, you could try a pair of green light glasses. You would wear them for an hour a day or whenever a migraine strikes. The best pair I have found can be bought on my Amazon page at 

5) GET A SPECIAL GREEN LIGHT. By far, the best green LED therapeutic light for migraines I have found is called the My Green Light. Super simple to use. You can switch between two of the most studied wavelength ranges of green light or use both wavelengths at the same time. You can adjust the intensity as well as set up a timed session. Get your Green Lamp here and use the code "bluelightdiet" for a discount.


Thats all for today.

Good talk.

Please, while this is at the top of your mind, help me out and share this article to one of your social media pages or send it to a friend who suffers from migraines. This can help co many people. Please do it now.

PS....Here is a video review of the green light therapy lamp recommended in the green light migraine protocol above.


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