Vitamin D Protects You From Coronavirus (Quick BIG TECH, BAN This Post!)

In this post, you are going to see with your own eyes that your Vitamin D level is one of the most important measures to concentrate on in order to protect yourself from suffering a bad outcome due to catching this dumb coronavirus.

Then I'm going to tell you how to properly prop up your vitamin d levels in case the virus comes back in the fall.

If you haven't read my other COVID19 articles, you can find them here. I guarantee they are well worth your time, will improve your overall health and you will learn things you never knew before. Please help me out and share them on your social media pages. I guarantee they will make you look good and smart :P 

1) How To Fight Coronavirus and Boost Your Immune Systems Using Day And Night Light Dark Cycles: 

2) How To Use The Sun And Quarantine In The Age Of Corona: 

3) Why Coronavirus Kills More Black...

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Why Is Coronavirus Killing More Black People? Its Not A Conspiracy...

In Chicago we have "Elevated" trains that run on electricity. So not only are there two train track rails for the actual train, but there is a third rail. This third rail is electrified and powers the train. If you touch this third rail, you become electrified and die.

The danger of the third rail is well known if you live in Chicago. 

You don't touch it.

Its also a great metaphor for what to talk about or not talk about in politics. 

So we'll see how long this article stays up as it will definitely touch the third rail for some of you. Please don't send delusional hate mail about how this is racist LOL.

If you listen to the advice here you will be better because of it. 

I'm going to make this article the fastest read yet since many of you told me my last two Coronavirus articles were too long.

I wonder what you're doing with all that quarantine time LOL.

In case you didn't get a chance to read them, here they are. The advice in these Coronavirus protocol articles applies...

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How To Quarantine in the Age of Corona: Don't Let Indoor Living Make You Unhealthy (5 MIN Read)


(I am making this a fast read so will be skipping a lot of deep explanations)

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So now most of the world besides maybe some of the lucky countries by the equator,  seems to be going in to some type of quarantine or extreme social distancing.

That's fine.

Do it.

Get this dumb virus thing over with fast. 

But Quarantine the right and healthy way.

Most people quarantine the wrong and unhealthy way. 

Whats the uncool wrong unhealthy way to quarantine?

Stay inside most of the day being relatively inactive lounging under artificial lighting and the glare of tech screens surrounded by WIFI signals and breathing in dry, recycled indoor air. Watch bright tv screens and Netflix at...

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CORONAVIRUS: How To Fight It and Boost Your Immune System with Day and Night Cycles

Blue Light Diet friends and my family....

Chance favors a prepared mind.

I don't know who said that but it is true and I'm getting a ton of questions so I figured i would write something up about using Blue Light Diet type advice to better prepare for the Coronavirus if it shows up wherever you happen to be. 

First of all, realize I am not a doctor and this is just my opinion based on years of studying how nature, environment and light works with your health. Make your doctor read this but always take his advice over mine. 

I wanted to get something out fast, so this post is in no way complete but it is directionally accurate, I'm being as brief as I can and I will update it as needed so check back every once in a while and please pass the link to this post on to your friends. And what I tell you here is NOT a replacement for other strategies like hand washing and social distancing. You can do them all. But realize that none of what you are about to read here is woo woo....

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Red Light Therapy And Cognitive Performance

This is a guest post by Bart Wolbers. Bart finished degrees in Physical Therapy (B), Philosophy (BA and MA), Philosophy of Science and Technology (MS - Cum Laude), and Clinical Health Science (MS), and helps thousands of people take charge of their own health with his company Nature Builds Health.


Everyone likes increased performance...

Maybe you prefer taking a handful of nootropics (brain performance supplements) before that important presentation.

Or perhaps you’re blocking blue light at nighttime so that you’re sleeping better.

Alternatively, you might use cold showers to feel more awake in the morning. And if you’re really kick ass you’re going to combine all these strategies.

What you might not know, however, is that red light therapy can also improve the performance of your brain. How? Red light therapy uses LED panels to give your body a massive amount of red and infrared light.

So let’s dig deeper into that subject:

Red Light Therapy And...

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No, Melatonin is NOT For Sleep...

Ok, so I may have told a little half truth to get you to stop and read this quick but important post.

I should have said "Melatonin is not JUST for sleep".

Melatonin does have a something to do with your sleep but infinitely more important, melatonin is more of a SIGNAL of darkness that helps synchronize all your body clocks and repairs your mitochondria. Even though its a signal of darkness realize melatonin is built from aromatic amino acids like tryptophan that are synthesized in light! THIS is what you want to read this article for so don't go away.

Melatonin is really FOR your mitochondria.

A family member of mine never wears their blue light blocking glasses at night because they say, "I don't need to protect my melatonin, I can get to sleep just fine."

Well...this is an extremely dangerous practice to follow which you'll see plain as day below in a moment.

First a quick note on melatonin and sleep.

Melatonin is only half of the sleep equation.

The other important half is a...

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BLUE LIGHT DIET DECLASSIFIED: Got Leaky Gut - Dysbiosis? Get Morning Sunshine. Here's Why/How...

Problems with your gut?

This three minute read from the Blue Light Diet Declassified blog series will help you.


Well I bet some of those pills, potions and probiotics you're taking will definitely help you, I like the protocol laid out by Dr Grace Liu at The Gut Institute myself.

I also bet the vast majority of you reading this definitely aren't getting any morning sunlight in your eyes or on your gut which means your circadian rhythm is busted up.

Already a well known fact, a busted up circadian rhythm is NOT good for your gut microbiome as you can read more about here (Gut Microbiota in Modulating Circadian Rhythm and Metabolic Health) and here (Role of Microbiome in Insomnia, Circadian Rhythm Disturbance and Depression).

How does morning sunshine in your eyes and on your gut help with leaky gut and gut dysbiosis?

Many ways.

In this short read we will look at A-MSH or Alpha-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone and red light effects on your gut.

Here are two quotes from this review paper...

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CIRCADIAN SYNDROME: Your New Approach for Treating Metabolic Syndrome

There is a gang of disorders that leads to cardiovascular disease and other diseases like type 2 diabetes. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol or triglycerides, insulin resistance and fat beer bellys. This unhealthy gang of disorders is known as Metabolic Syndrome and about one third of the entire population of the United States are suffering from it. 

To get Metabolic Syndrome under control, your typical MD will blabber the usual.

Lose weight. Stop smoking. Eat a "healthy" diet. Exercise. Limit saturated fat. Stop smoking. Some doctors will even put you on drugs to lower cholesterol like statins or even weight loss drugs, antidiabetics and antihypertensives.

Thankfully, some smart doctors and researchers have dug a little deeper into Metabolic Syndrome and now suggest we call it "Circadian Syndrome" instead.

Calling it Circadian Syndrome is brilliant because it now opens up some new and effective treatment options that just the typical medical...

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BLUE LIGHT DIET DECLASSIFIED: Green Tea and Red Light Supercharged Skin Rejuvenation Protocol

Do you have skin issues?

Wrinkles making you look a little older than you are?

Stay out a little too late on a Friday night and skin looking saggy and dehydrated the next day?

Wanna stop spending an obscene amount of money on skin treatments?

For today's two minute read, I've declassified a secret skin rejuvenation protocol that you'll learn in our Blue Light Detox online video training program.

After a small initial investment on a red light therapy machine, this should save you time and money while subtlety pumping up your ego due to all the unsolicited comments you'll get asking what celebrity dermatologist you're secretly seeing. 

Ok, so get to the point, what's this secret skin protocol?

Dab green tea soaked pads on your skin then do a red light therapy session.

Here's the study: Green tea and red light--a powerful duo in skin rejuvenation. 

Here's the study results: "Rejuvenated skin, reduced wrinkle levels, and juvenile complexion, previously realized in 10 months of...

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Dermatology Blue Light Diet Style: Is Your Dermatologist Right About Sunscreen? (2 Minute Read)

Do you think there is a possibility that dermatologists, while they might mean well, could be wrong about the sun?

This short and to the point blog series will dig into that question.

It is evident current dermatology advice causes more of the dangerous cancers like breast cancer. They tell you the sun causes cancer yet the reality is that most of us live indoors under blue light toxic artificial lighting probably greater than 80 to 90% of the time.  The lower your Vitamin D level is, the higher your risk of breast, melanoma and basal cell cancers, just to name a few! So what is really causing these cancers? But this is a topic for the next blog post.  

If you don't want to wait, order the book called "Embrace The Sun" off of Amazon now and you'll see all the evidence laid out plain as day.

It is my opinion that dermatologists who tell you the sun is dangerous are causing way more cancer than they are preventing. The vast majority of them certainly can't tell you how...

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